The international meeting platform for Byproducts logistic and trading

ASHTRANS, The international meeting platform for Byproducts logistics and trading

The annual ASHTRANS conference offers you the possibility to meet with people from all the various sides of the business, and where else can you meet so many of these that you want to meet in just two days’ time. That is why ASHTRANS is arranged to facilitate just that and concurrently offers presentations about market relevant issues and logistic solutions.

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ASHTRANS Conference 2014 in Berlin

The ASHTRANS Conference 2014 took place the 1st and 2nd of September in Berlin, Germany.


70 people from more than 50 companies and organisations participated. BauMineral GmbH and STEAG Power Minerals GmbH sponsored the conference that was arranged by StandardConsult.

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The ASHTRANS Conference, Berlin 2014 was sponsered by:

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